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90% of the hormone of happiness is created in the intestines

Exclusive Microbiome Matrix™

Trebiotics: The key to your health through the gut microbiome

Introducing Trebiotics, a revolutionary product that will help you achieve optimal health and well-being through your gut microbiome. Scientists have long proven that the health of our gut is the key to the health of our entire body. And Trebiotics are the best helper that will allow you to maintain a healthy intestinal microflora.

Thanks to the unique Microbiome Matrix™ 3 in 1 technology, which combines three key factors, Trebiotics provide comprehensive care for your intestines and overall health:

1. Prebiotic GOS: This ingredient supports the faster colonization of beneficial intestinal bacteria and their denser settlement in your intestines.

2. EpiCor® GI+: A whole grain fermented ingredient that supports a healthy gut lining for optimal micronutrient absorption and overall well-being.

3. NeuroFlora™ Probiotic Complex: Contains 3 scientifically selected strains of acid-resistant bacteria proven to support microbiome diversity, immune health, and brain and cognitive health.

In addition, Trebiotika uses an innovative bead delivery system, which eliminates the need to swallow any pills. Just dissolve the pearls in a glass of water and enjoy the pleasant taste of this effective food supplement.

5 compelling reasons to buy Trebiotics:

1. Support for a healthy gut microbiome: Trebiotics help maintain a balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria in your gut.

2. They strengthen the immune system: Thanks to their unique ingredients, Trebiotics support immune health and help protect the body from infections.

3. Improving digestion and absorption of nutrients: Trebiotics support a healthy intestinal lining, which facilitates digestion and absorption of nutrients.

4. Support of a healthy brain and cognitive functions: The NeuroFlora™ probiotic complex contained in Trebiotics supports a healthy brain and cognitive functions.

5. Easy to use without having to swallow pills: Just dissolve the pearls in a glass of water and enjoy the pleasant taste of this effective food supplement.

Don't wait any longer! Order Trebiotics today and start the journey to a healthier life through your gut microbiome!

Fiber: Your secret weapon for healthy digestion and a slim line

Are you suffering from a bloated stomach, digestive problems or are you looking for a way to support your weight loss process? Then it's time to start with the basics - gut health.

I present to you Fiber, which will help you clean your intestines, strengthen the intestinal microflora and induce a feeling of satiety. AND

Why choose Fiber?

1. Complex bowel care: Fiber combines insoluble fiber, which cleans the surface of the intestines and stimulates them to move more, with soluble fiber, which swells and induces a feeling of satiety. In this way, it supports healthy digestion and weight loss.

2. Detoxification of the organism: Fiber binds toxic substances and generally detoxifies the body. It works like a brush that rids the body of all impurities and harmful substances.

3. Support for weight loss: Due to the feeling of satiety that fiber induces and the low energy value, it is better to lose weight with its use. In addition, it binds fats, lowers the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood and slows down the absorption of carbohydrates.

4. Improving skin condition: If our gut microbiome is out of order, it can show up on our skin in the form of acne. Fiber helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome and thus beautiful skin.

5. Ideal combination with trebiotics: After using Fiber, we recommend following up with the use of trebiotics, which will help populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria and strengthen the intestinal microbiome.

Don't miss the opportunity to invest in your health and slim figure! Try Fiber and see for yourself its effects on your digestion, weight loss and overall well-being.

I want a healthy gut

I will share with you fascinating information about the gut, which is not only the main organ of our immune system, but also the secret hero of our health and well-being. Imagine a universe of microscopic creatures living in your intestines that help us absorb nutrients, protect us from toxins, and keep our hormonal systems in balance. Yes, it's true - our intestines are home to trillions of bacteria that are absolutely essential for our survival!

Scientists investigating this amazing world of microorganisms have discovered that there is a mutually beneficial symbiosis between us and our gut bacteria. Our genes influence the genetics of these microorganisms and, conversely, their genes regulate the activity of our cells. Unfortunately, when the diversity of our gut microflora is reduced, we become more susceptible to various chronic diseases - from allergies and asthma to diabetes and obesity.

So how can a healthy gut microflora help us? When we take proper care of it, it rewards us with better digestion, stronger immunity, easier weight loss, a happier mood and more energy. In addition, it will help us minimize inflammation in the body, maintain hormonal balance (which can lead to the disappearance of rashes and skin problems), increase the absorption of vitamins and dietary supplements, and stabilize cholesterol levels. And that's just the beginning!

So if you want to achieve great health and well-being, don't forget to take care of your intestinal companions. Keep their microcosm in balance by eating a balanced diet rich in fiber, probiotics and prebiotics. And remember - even if you eat quality vitamins and dietary supplements, their effect can be weakened by an imbalance in your intestinal microflora. So be friendly to your gut bacteria and they will reward you with good health!

The gut microbiome affects our mental state

If you often have bad moods, despite taking care of your health, exercising, sleeping enough and changing your life for the better, and you still don't notice an improvement in your mood.

Then the reason may be a bad state of your gut microbiome.

It is not for nothing that it is said that 90% of the hormone of happiness is formed in the intestines.

The gut functions as our second brain

and the gut microbiome affects our physical state, psyche, feelings and emotions.

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