About me

Dreams come true when we allow them to

My name is Ivana Dobešová and I was born in Prague. Come to think of it, how many native Praguers do you know?

My working career began in aviation at the Prague airport for ČSA. I worked in the check-in department for eight years and then went to fulfill my dream of going to the skies with Oman Air, where I spent almost five years.

Today I can say that it was one of the best decisions of my life.

During that time, I met countless interesting people, traveled Europe, Asia, but also Africa. To this day, Zanzibar is still the most magical place I have visited.

My career has taken off beautifully and I couldn't have asked for more. And then it came.

It was March 2020 and I flew to Prague on vacation with one suitcase and already stayed in it.

All my material background, friends and work remained in Oman in one second. I used it all, but the travel magnets on the fridge the most. How I miss you...

,New start,,

I stood in my Prague apartment full of anger and confusion over the whole situation, which affected almost every one of us.

Since tourism was one of the areas most affected by the Covid situation, I got involved in various brigades and was looking for a second wind. What kind of work awaits a flight attendant who is still in the clouds?

Of course he is waiting, after all I stand firmly on the ground.

I wanted to use my determination, hard work and discipline to the last drop. I've always had a dormant business idea somewhere, and to start with I tried my start with a few networking companies. However, sooner or later it became clear that their systems were not set up correctly for my philosophical direction in business.

And so here I am. I am great, I feel great and I do everything to make the people around me feel great too.

I learned to accept the idea that one cannot do anything alone. Where we are goes hand in hand with who we surround ourselves with.

,,Thank you,,

for reading my long story in a few sentences and if you have found yourself in at least one idea that is hidden in these lines, do not hesitate to contact me. Those of you who are shaking your head in disbelief, try to follow me on social networks for now and maybe we can find a way to each other.

Your Ivana